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Local Dental Programs

Dental Programs in Lee County Florida

Project Dentist’s Care of S.W. Florida, Inc. is a low-income clinic sponsored by the Lee County Dental Society. PDC is staffed by dentists that volunteer their time on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. A dental assistant is on staff. Extractions, fillings and x-rays are the only procedures performed. If a patient qualifies for PDC the services are free. To apply for PDC and make an appointment a patient may call 239-561-1949.

Family Health Centers is a federally funded organization that provides medical and dental services for reduced fees. All dental services are performed except oral surgery. For more information and to schedule an appointment a patient may call 239-344-2335.

Florida SouthWestern State College has a dental hygiene program that provides cleanings and x-rays at a reduced fee. Fees are currently (and subject to change) $45.00 for adults and $35.00 for children. For more information and to schedule an appointment a patient may call 239-985-8334.

NCEF Pediatric Dental Center is located in Naples, Florida on the Florida SouthWestern State College campus. NCEF is staffed by University of Florida dental faculty and residents. NCEF provides routine dental care, advanced care and specialty services such as sedation and hospital based dentistry to children ages 1 – 21. Various payment options and programs are available. For more information and to make an appointment a patient may call 239-775-3052.

Dental Schools
University of Florida College of Dentistry 352-392-2911 www.dental.ufl.edu
Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine 954-262-7500 www.dental.nova.edu
LeCom School of Dentistry 941.405.1600 www.lecom.edu